Total Babes by Chad Lenjer

Total Babes by Chad Lenjer

Chad Lenjer is back and giving us some babes to lust after.

Chad Lenjer is a tattoo artist in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who excels in creating tattoos of total babes. And who doesn't love a total babe? They make your day go better when you see them, and they are the apple of just about everyone's eye. They arouse people in ways that only babes know how.

Which is why Lenjer has been able to make a living off of tattooing babes. There is a market for designing these ladies, and Lenjer is truly one of the best in the business.

Lenjer is capable of tackling just about any kind of lady you'd like tattooed. He's just as adept at designing vicious warrior women as he is creating dainty flower-power gals. The variety of women Lenjer is able to produce in his tattooing is remarkable.

This serves as a testament for his appreciation of the art form and for women in general. He doesn't just put women into a one-dimensional box where they can be only one thing, in Lenjer's world (and reality) women can be just about anything they want to be.

Follow Chad on Instagram for more of these radical ladies and loads of other fun tattoo designs.

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