Trace Your Lovely Bones with These Beautiful Collarbone Tattoos

Trace Your Lovely Bones with These Beautiful Collarbone Tattoos

Lovely floral tattoos carved into a fragile part of the body.

Make flowers bloom from the crevices of your collarbones with winsome botanical tattoos. The collarbones are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body to get tattooed on. Pain is inevitable, screaming and crying are to be expected. But I'm willing to go through all that if the final result will be as beautiful as these floral pieces spread across the lovely bones of these people who grit their teeth through a tattoo session. Since botanical tattoos have been quite the scene stealers in the tattoo community as of late, I'm spreading the flower power with these beautiful collarbone tattoos that are worth each and ever needle prick that hit the bone.

Nudy of Reindeer Ink goes bold but micro in this tiny blackwork rose.

We've shown you what greenhorn tattoo artist Vitaly Kazantsev can do, but there's more to come.

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Give it to rising star Julia Shpadyreva for stunning fine lines.

A tattoo by Mini Lau fit for a true sweetheart.

Clean lines are hand poker Cate Webb's forte.

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