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Traditional Bangers by Becca Genné-Bacon

Traditional Bangers by Becca Genné-Bacon

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Single-sitting tattoos that are bright, bold, and badass.

Becca Genné-Bacon is one of NYC's most impressive traditional tattooists. Her work is as bold and bright as can be, and she excels at rendering both classic motifs as well as other unconventional ones in the style. Her body art is outstanding due to her use of vibrant color palettes and pronounced line work. Also, the various iconography that she creates has her own stylistic flare, making it that much more exceptional. 

Bacon is a traditional tattooist who sticks closely to her roots while ensuring that her approach to the style remains outspoken in its own right. She employs the tried and true thick lines that are germane to most of her predecessor's work. However, her tattoos distance themselves from tradition as well, especially in how densely she saturates her figures. The coloration of all the bangers here, for instance, is so heavy that there is scarcely a spec of negative space in each tattoo. This gives them an incredible amount of vibrancy, making them pop in an irresistibly eye-catching way. These single-sitting pieces all prove how her work doesn't have to be big to be loud and proud. 

The wide range of imagery that Bacon executes is the most captivating aspect of her body of work. She is a master of virtually every motif that is conventional to the traditional style, such as the trios of broncos, a lady legionnaire, a bald eagle, a tiger's head, and the sacred heart seen here, but her portfolio truly breaks the mold with its more unusual imagery. There are uncommon subjects here as well, including a bunch of lemons among a few flowers, a zippo next and a lit cigarette next to raspberries of all things, as well as an eight-point buck above a classic rose. Hell, she's even done an homage to the band Against Me! as seen in her tattoo of a raven. Her body art that veers away from the beaten path demonstrates just how versatile the traditional style can be when in the right hands.

A majestic eight-point buck above a rose from Becca Genné-Bacon's body of work (IG—beccagennebacon). #bangers #BeccaGennéBacon #buck #rose #stag #traditional

If you want to be blown away by more of Bacon's bangers as well as some of her large-scale work, make sure to head over to her Instagram. Lastly, she works at Hand of Glory Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY should you want to get a banger of you very own.

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