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Traditional Big Cats by Mikey Holmes

Traditional Big Cats by Mikey Holmes

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Incredible ferocity to terrify and delight

Big cats are some of the most iconic traditional subjects to date, and it’s no surprise why: cats are rad. Tiny cats, big cats, sweet cats, cats that will tear off your head and eat you alive! Regardless of what type of cat it is, they always make for great subjects when it comes to tattoos, and artist Mikey Holmes’ cats are both beautiful and dangerous.

Based out of Coast to Coast Tattoo in Charlotte, North Carolina, Holmes’s cats are traditionally built, with bright, bold color and an instinctive ferocity that’s truly unique. Fanged and ravenous, his cats are often seen in intensely threatening stances, with barbed tails, the sharpest of claws that occasionally even “rip” through the skin, and a predatory air that leaves the onlooker with an ominous feeling of dread and doom, and may we just say: RAD.

You can see more of Holmes' sinister cats on his Instagram.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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