Traditional Black and Grey Tattoos Par Excellence by Valerie Vargas

Traditional Black and Grey Tattoos Par Excellence by Valerie Vargas

Here is some body art from one of the best traditional tattooists in the world.

Valerie Vargas makes superb traditional tattoos that all exemplify her signature style. Today, we're featuring only her black and grey tattoos. She is an incredibly talented tattooist, capable of rendering a number of motifs within this style, such as traditional American iconography and imagery from other cultures, too. So, without further ado, here is a sample of her utterly astounding black and grey.  

Vargas' experience and skill as a tattooist allows her to depict a wide range of motifs in her outstanding style. Above, we see examples of Hindu, ancient Egyptian, Christian, and other imagery. Her black and grey work is perfect for depictions of divine figures like Vishnu and the Blessed Virgin. The mermaid and tiger both illustrate just how excellent her traditional American tattoos are. Also, in case you didn't recognize it, that hieroglyphic piece is the famous tattoo on Rihanna's sternum. 

Though all of her black and grey tattoos are impressive, her illustrations of ladies are some of the best. Each one is drop-dead gorgeous, literally in the case of the two-faced feminine reaper. Their soft, almond-shaped eyes seems to stare at you, sometimes beckoningly and other times with intensity. The line-work in each of these lovely tattoos is utterly pristine and the shading is likewise flawless, giving each one an air of everlasting beauty. The most moving of her lady tattoos are arguably the more sorrowful ones. Her signature weeping women are so exquisite that they could bring anyone to tears. 

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We hope you are as enamored by Vargas' black and grey tattoos as much as we are. In the near future, we will feature her colorful traditional work, so keep an eye out for that post sometime next week. If you can't wait until then, check out her Instagram and website. She tattoos at Modern Classic Tattoo in Fulham, London and is in high demand, so reach out to her well in advance if you want some of her beautiful art work to adorn your body.

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