Traditional Black Ink Tattoos by Lucas Wagner

Traditional Black Ink Tattoos by Lucas Wagner

Germany is lucky to have this traditional tattooer in their country.

One of the reasons why traditional tattoos last so long and maintain their coloring is because of the thick black outlines around the entire design. It keeps the colors in, disallowing them to bleed over and spread out into a blob. The black outline is tantamount to the traditional tattooing style if you wish for your ink to age well.

Well, what if the entire tattoo is black?

That's the strategy Lucas Wagner employs when it comes to his tattooing. A majority of his body art is reft of color and completley black, which looks great on the skin. The contrast makes the design pop, and the black ink helps ensure it will age well, so when you're old and gray, you can still proudly show off your tattoos.

Wagner is a tattoo artist at the Forever St. Pauli Tattoo Shop in Hamburg, Germany. His talents are a large reason why he is booked all the way up until April currently, making him one of the more in-demand artists in the entire country.

When it comes to the iconography of his work, Wagner plays all of the expected hits, but with his own little spin on them. The dagger through the heart is one of the most tried and true designs, but by putting a whimsical view inside of the art Wagner gives the motif an unexpected spin. 

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