Traditional Girl Tattoos by Jaclyn Rehe

Traditional Girl Tattoos by Jaclyn Rehe

A favorite subject of any traditional Americana tattoo collector are girls and girl heads...

These awesome tattoos by Jaclyn Rehe just might be an awesome collection to check out if you're looking to get that new girl tattoo!

Jaclyn Rehe is a brilliant tattooer from Melbourne, Australia. She works and tattoos at Chapel Tattoo. Jaclyn Rehe's tattoo style is solid traditional and bold Americana. Jaclyn does classic subjects such as roses, panthers, and other classic images, but this time, I've decided to share her girl tattoos with you!

Girl tattoos are amongst the favorite tattoo subject of collectors - especially in the trending old school tattoo style. With this classic image, some collectors pay tribute to the powerful and inspiring women in their lives, while others simply want an awesome girl tattooed on their skin.

Scroll through these really cool girl tattoos by Jaclyn Rehe and get inspired!

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All photos and tattoos from @jaclynrehez

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