Traditional Ladies by Colo Lopez

Traditional Ladies by Colo Lopez

Ladies. They are the source of many people's joy, strife, and hardship. They also are the muse for some amazing art.

Ladies are a lot of things. They are the greatest muse in many-a-man's life. Some of the greatest pieces of art, whether it be paintings, drawings, or music, has come about through the inspiration of a woman. Such great beauty can come from knowing a woman.

Yet, some of the darkest times in a person's life can come through the wrath of a woman. Heartbreak and jealousy can drive a person to become a monster that they never imagined becoming, doing horrifying things. It's an inescapable nightmare that is all-consuming and there is only one person to blame, that woman.

Amazing art somehow finds a way to come out of both scenarios. Since no two women are the same, there are many aspects and varieties to celebrate and fear. Colo Lopez is able to capture the essence of all kinds of ladies with his traditional style tattoos, which can lead one to believe he understands the yin and yang that women are.

Wonder Woman. (via IG - cololopeztattoo) #ColoLopez #Traditional #Ladies #WonderWoman #SuperHeroes
Wonder Woman. (via IG - cololopeztattoo) #ColoLopez #Traditional #Ladies #WonderWoman #SuperHeroes

Lopez is a tattooer in Madrid, Spain and works out of the Veneno Tattoo shop. His primary tattooing style is traditional, and he excels at the craft. It's one of the many reasons he has amassed a large following on social media, and why his bookings are so hard to get.

Follow Lopez on Instagram to see more of his traditional masterpieces, and to see some more ladies to be inspired by.

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