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Traditional Lady Tattoos Get a Makeover by Jean Le Roux

Traditional Lady Tattoos Get a Makeover by Jean Le Roux

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Old school ladies brought into the 21st century with these fantastic neo traditional tats.

Jean Le Roux is a tattooer at Black Garden Tattoo in London, UK. If you appreciate the female form, a pretty face and the neo traditional style, you'll love these tattoos from Jean Le Roux. (I wonder if he gets some of his inspiration from his beautiful girlfriend, pictured above!)

Woman with a winged head piece. Tattoo by Jean Le Roux. #neotraditional #woman #JeanLeRoux #neotradlady

Tattoos of ladies are just as popular now as they ever were. Guys and girls alike can appreciate the beauty of the female form. Staying true to traditional modern tattooing, Le Roux's ladies are the perfect blend of Americana and the neo traditional style, which is reflected in the photos featured here. Every element is outlined, but with added line work to accentuate certain details. The color palette, too, harks back to the era of Americana tattooing. 

Neo traditional sailor girl by Jean Le Roux. #neotraditional #woman #JeanLeRoux #neotradlady #sailor #sailorgirl #swallows

Le Roux takes it one step further, with a new twist on a mermaid tattoo that mothers will surely appreciate. Plus there's almost some inception type of thing happening in some tattoos, with the tattoos themselves having tattoos. 

For more neo traditional tattoos of pretty things have a look at these gorgeous 13 Bold And Smooth Neotraditional Tattoos By Kike Esteras

Native girl wearing a leopard head by Jean Le Roux. #neotraditional #woman #JeanLeRoux #neotradlady #nativegirl #leopard

Images from Instagram.

Stacie Mayer
Written byStacie Mayer

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