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Transcending Tattoo: The Pursuit of Excellence

Transcending Tattoo: The Pursuit of Excellence

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The Art Exchange in Long Beach has an upcoming show that featuring the paintings of six tattoo artists from Southern California.

Nothing illustrates the two-way street shared by tattooing and painting more than work by artists who have mastered both mediums. To highlight this important connection, The Art Exchange (ARTX) in Long Beach, California, collaborated with tattooist Shay Bredimus to invite talented individuals who dabble in both art forms to showcase their most outstanding recent pieces. The show’s grand opening is tomorrow night at 6:30pm in the art center’s main gallery space, and it’s bound to be a very informative and exciting event.

A divine portrait by Shay Bredimus (IG—shaybredimus). #artshow #fineart #TheArtExchange #ShayBredimus #TranscendingTattoo

The exhibit will feature visual art by six prominent tattooists from the state, including Bredimus, Shawn Barber, Mikey Carrasco, Henry Lewis, Sergio Sanchez, and Carlos Torres. These tattooists come from a wide range of different artistic backgrounds. Some of them are classically trained, while others are largely self-taught, but all of them channel their expertise in tattooing into painting and vice versa. 

The show is designed to illustrate the under-acknowledged relationship between fine art and tattooing. “The artworks in this exhibition demonstrate an excellence in skill, methodology and creativity that is unparalleled in the tattoo community,” ARTX writes on their website. “Our purpose is to present these artists whose works move beyond the traditional tattoo imagery into beautifully rendered works of art where the brushstroke and the tattoo stroke become one.” 

Each of the artists have their own unique style, ranging from realism to surrealism. If you attend, make sure to keep an eye out for Barber’s impressionist portraits of legendary tattooists, Carrasco’s sensual depictions of women, and Torres’ sublime landscapes. They’re some of our favorites.

The event is free and open to the public. ARTX is located at 356 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, CA, so if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area and are free tomorrow night, make it out for the grand opening. It should be one of the best tattoo-related art shows of the season.

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