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Transforming Faux Pas: Cover Up Tattoos

Transforming Faux Pas: Cover Up Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

If you feel sensitive about a scar, or an old tattoo, these cover up tattoos will give you some ideas on how to transform!

There are many reasons to get a cover up tattoo...some cover scars, or stretch marks, some cover old tattoos or moles. Some do it to embrace a part of themselves that they don't like so much...some do it to move on past old memories. Whatever the reason is transforming is difficult, but it can be way easier with a tattooist who really understands your goal, as well as their craft. These cover up tattoos were all done for a different reason, but we hope you can see how much love and thought was put into the design.

Part of a good tattoo artists job is making a client feel understood and comfortable. When you're working in such close proximity with a person, you have to feel a little bit at home! And this definitely comes into play when you're discussing something really personal, like a cover up tattoo. It can be hard to share something like that with someone you've never met! But that's why Tattoodo is so great...we only support the highest quality artists who have high quality reputations to match. We can guarantee that an artist you find on our site will be able to give you exactly what you need.

Not only does our app make it easy for you to search for cover up tattoo inspiration, it can also connect you with artists in your area who are capable of giving you an incredible and memorable piece that you'll never have to worry about wanting to cover up! You can even book with an artist or shop through our new booking feature, and artists can easily add you to their calendar so that they're ready for you when you arrive! We want you to have a good experience no matter where you go...and that includes your one stop shop for tattoo anything and everything: Tattoodo.

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