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Travel Into The Future With These Space Tattoos

Travel Into The Future With These Space Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These space tattoos are perfect for 2019 cuz nothin' is more futuristic than traveling the galaxy!

As the sub caption says...there isn't really anything as magically futuristic as traveling through the galaxy in a spaceship...that's why, with the arrival of 2019, we're feeling super spacey with all these space tattoos. It gets us thinking about the possibilities...but also how in the past people looked at the future. If you're like us, you grew up watching Star Wars, Star Trek and maybe even The Jetsons. They way people looked at the future was forward thinking and innovative. And oddly enough, although some of these movies and tv shows were set in the era of the 2000's...they feel so far off from where we are now.

But humans still have the ability to dream. These space tattoos prove it. Not only do they touch upon the reality of our existence, but they also show what we can create when we decide to just do it...and it's the same for all of those scientists who made space travel actually happen. We made it to the moon because they believed it could happen, and did everything it took to make sure it actually did. And just like humans may be destroying the earth, desperately searching space for a place to go when our floating rock dies, we can also create ways to save it. In fact, many people are....

But that's a bit off topic, right? But it's just that...with the future looming, with 2019 showing up almost out of the blue, this is what these space tattoos make us think about. Our impending doom, our ability to dream and create amazing things, our hopes to do great and wonderful this year and the next and the next and the next. Maybe this isn't what these pieces make you think of, but what do you think about when you look at these space tattoos? What do all the spaceships, and Star Wars and millions of galaxies spark within your imagination?

Written byTattoodo

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