Travel into the Galaxy with Space Tattoos by Aleksandr Romashev

Travel into the Galaxy with Space Tattoos by Aleksandr Romashev

Space tattoos are beautiful but Aleksandr Romashev takes his to another frontier.

Space: the final frontier. We're learning more and more about the great beyond, but despite this growing knowledge, it still fills us with wonder and delight. We've gone beyond the moon to Mars; we've dropped Pluto as a planet; we might have found a galaxy that has water! 

Regardless of these discoveries though, space will always at least feel like a fantastic mystery, and a well-designed space tattoo is a great homage to this great big blue. Aleksandr Romashev's space tattoos are a sight to behold. You look close enough, and it feels as if you're drifting through space itself.

Romashev is a talented artist, working in both black and grey and color realism. He's been tattooing since 2009, and only grown and grown as an artist. His ability to capture space-scapes with such incredible light and detail is a testament to his realism talents. Check out the broad scope of his work over at his Instagram.

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