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Traveling Through Time and Space with Doctor Who Tattoos

Traveling Through Time and Space with Doctor Who Tattoos

Entertainment2 min Read

Let’s hop in the TARDIS to reminisce over our favorite Doctors and villains!

It’s finally here — Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat’s final season leading the British sci-fi phenomenon Doctor Who. Capaldi, a lifelong Doctor Who fan long before he was cast as the iconic Time Lord, took a few episodes to find his footing, but by the time last season’s penultimate episode “Heaven Sent” aired, there was no doubt this man was born to play The Doctor. A breathtaking showcase of The Doctor’s fury, grief, and intelligence, Capaldi’s performance struck a balance between manic and heartbreaking, a feat only this trained thespian and hardcore Whovian could bring to the role.

As far as I’m concerned, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors were the most stylish and quotable ones of the series. The tributes to these Doctors showcasing their style and catchphrases are simple yet clever.

The Doctor and his companion can’t go anywhere without his trusty police box spaceship, and I must say, TARDIS blue makes for bold tattoos that really pop.

And no season of Doctor Who is complete without at least one Dalek, the longtime adversary of our dear Time Lord. I think Daleks looks like confused art deco salt-and-pepper shakers with too many buttons, but the details in these Dalek tattoos are exquisite.

It’s bittersweet knowing these will be the last monsters for the kooky rebel punk Twelfth Doctor. At the same time, I’m excited to see what new showrunner Chris Chibnall (creator of Broadchurch) and the new Doctor brings in 2018. In the meantime, I’ll just tune into BBC every Saturday the next 10 weeks for Capaldi’s last hurrah. I can only hope a Whovian honors 12 with a dope tattoo.

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