Tree Tattoos to Inspire Your Inner Mystical Earth Witch

Tree Tattoos to Inspire Your Inner Mystical Earth Witch

Haunting and beautiful, these tree tattoos are eerily reminiscent of their real counterparts.

Images of trees are often used to represent life, strength, and fertility. Portrayals of “The Tree of Life” often depict roots strongly connected with the earth, or a fruit-bearing tree which nourishes and supports all life around it. Trees also have spiritual significance in many myths and stories, representing a connection between life and the supernatural. So of course tree tattoos really connect with people as totems and as icons — getting a tree tattooed onto your body is a way to feel back to the earth, and life itself.

Despite depictions of trees as a symbol of life and fertility, trees can also represent something very different. Forests may represent dark and mysterious places where someone could lose their way. The ultimate “dark” image of a tree, of course, is the image of a dead or entirely leafless tree. Images of dead trees have a tragic and eerie yet mystically beautiful
quality to them. They seem spindly, secretive, mysterious. The dead tree is a place for crows to live, for witches to cast spells. Dead tree tattoos become their own unique iconography, with their thin, leafless branches reaching out to the stars — or out to some unknown victim.

Want trees with a slightly less eerie, more tropical feel? Then you'll love these 10 Funky Palm Tree Tattoos!

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Graphic, powerful, and clean looking, tree tattoos of all styles are timeless. Whether they invoke magic or inspire religion doesn't really matter: their visual power stands alone.

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