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Trippy Black & Grey Dotwork Illusions by Ilya Cascad Kandaurov

Trippy Black & Grey Dotwork Illusions by Ilya Cascad Kandaurov

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Prepare to have your senses manipulated by Ilya Cascad Kandaurov's ornate optical illusion tattoos.

One of the most amazing effects that black and grey ornamental tattoos are capable of exuding is that of optical illusions. These fantastical tattoos have the power to alter the way we perceive the dimensions of the body. Of the many tattoo artists that practice this trippy style, Ilya Cascad Kanaurov is one of the best at blowing minds through his exquisite work.  

Three lovely optical illusions flowing together in this upper-sleeve by Ilya Cancad Kanaurov. #blackandgrey #geometric #IlyaCancadKanaurov #opticalillusion #ornamental #shading #stippling #upperarm

What makes Kanaurov's work so outstanding is that it maintains the integrity of fine ornamentation while also creating stunning visuals that take advantage of how our brains process what we see. 

One of Kanaurov's strong suits is working in a minimalist ornamental approach. His ability to bend what our eyes see with such a light touch, not relying on highly embellished designs, is impressive to say the least. 

If you liked having your mind play tricks on you while trying to take in Kanaurov's tattoos all at once, you can go see more of what's not really there on this page of his sponsor's website. He also be found in the twists and turns of Instagram. Also, check out some of our previous writing on tattoos that can change the way you look at the world. 

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