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Trippy Geometric Blackwork by Wan Keisane

Trippy Geometric Blackwork by Wan Keisane

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Soft and complex tattoos featuring sacred geometry and spiritual figures made of dotwork.

Wan Keisane makes amazing and meaningful geometric and illustrative blackwork tattoos. His work is refreshingly soft for this dark genre of body art due to the way he employs fine lines and delicate dotwork in an incredibly graceful manner. Some of his pieces are entirely sacred geometric, featuring figures like mandalas and other spiritually charged patters, but he also often incorporates illustrations of symbolic figures into his ornate designs, pushing their mystical connotations even further. 

Keisane's geometric blackwork stands out for its softness. Most other practitioners of this style tend to work in denser shading, but he uses dotwork to give his piece a look that sets them apart from the crowd. His use of highly restrained stippling and carefully rendered fine lines results in a softer aesthetic than one typically sees in the majority of sacred geometry out there. Overall, his approach results in airy and open pieces that have a heavenly feeling to them. They draw you in with their complexity but give you plenty of room to breathe at the same time, which makes for a pleasantly captivating viewing experience. 

Aside from the technical prowess that his work demonstrates, as seen in the series of cubes below, the wide variety of ornate symbols that Keisane includes in many of his tattoos is perhaps their most intriguing aspect. For example, here there are figures such as lotuses, the Eye of Providence, a Hamsa (the palm with an eye in its center), an ouroboros, a scarab, and even the visage of Buddha with a maze-like pattern in his silhouette. Because this sort of iconography has spiritual implications, these particular tattoos convey deeper meaning than his purely geometric pieces, making them richer in subtext as well as open to interpretation. 

If you want to be mesmerized by more of Keisane's insanely intricate blackwork, then make your way over to his Instagram. He tattoos on the road and can be reached at for book should you want a geometric masterpiece by him, too.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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