True Love Between Pets and Owners Shown by Playground Tattoo

True Love Between Pets and Owners Shown by Playground Tattoo

And also the story of how my cat tried to ruin my life.

There’s no telling why we put up with the insane amount of shit we are dealt by our animals, both literally and figuratively. We love them unconditionally, feed them endlessly, and scoop their poop humbly, and yet, 99% of the time they (ok, cats) can’t be bothered. So instead of throwing them out on the doorstep, suitcase in hand, shaking our collective fists in the air, and telling them to get a damn job, like any normal, sane parent would do, we opt instead to get them tattooed on us. C’est la vie.

Artist Playground Tattoo knows this sentiment well, and in fact, deals with it on a daily basis by creating tiny tribute pieces to her clients' pets. But whether or not these pets are deserving of it is a different story entirely, one that we're sure every single pet owner can attest to in some regard or another. So gather round as we tell you a tale of love, longing, and the loss of a perfectly good comforter.

And so it was...

Schnauzer by Playground Tattoo (via IG-playground_tat2) #simple #basic #pet #petportrait #playgroundtattoo

There was once a girl who lived in the gleaming shit hole of Los Angeles, California. She was new to the area, and besides the few acquaintances she had made at work, spent the vast majority of her time alone. She needed a friend, someone she could hang out with and not be annoyed by spending endless amounts of time with them for hours on end, someone she could cuddle at the end of a long day, and tell her problems to. Unfortunately, lacking any sort of social graces or potential dating prospects, she decided that a cat would fit this bill, so off she went in search for the perfect feline companion. 

It turned out the perfect feline companion was no more than a five minute drive from her apartment, sitting in a cage in a doctor’s office, just waiting to find a loving home. It also happened that this particular feline was handicapped, and instead of thinking, “Hm... maybe I should consider the territory that comes with adopting a special needs pet,” she loudly laid claim to the pet in front of the entire office. “MINE. KIT KAT. MINE. SO KEWT. MUCH FUR. FOUR MINUS ONE LEGS. MINE.” And so it was.

The two became fast friends, and bonded over a mutual love of food, snuggles, and falling asleep to the sound of the few remaining original characters being eaten alive in The Walking Dead. It was true love. A few months after the adoption, it was time for the girl to venture home for a few days for Christmas. Knowing she couldn’t bring the smol kit kat with her, she arranged to have him well fed and taken care of in her absence. This was mistake number one. 

Apparently the smok kit kat, although fed the culinary equivalent of a David Chang meal on a daily basis, and presented with heaps of toys with which to occupy his time, did not like being left alone. In fact, he disliked it so much that upon her return, she found a near fossilized piece of poop that had been ever so perfectly and strategically excreted on her pillow. Thinking rather highly of himself, the smol kit kat chirped a tiny meow and hopped off into the hallway. Knowing that he had probably been so distraught in her absence, she chalked it up to a one time mistake, and threw the pillow and the case out with it.

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Look at this pupper's tongue by Playground Tattoo (via IG-playground_tat2) #simple #basic #pet #petportrait #playgroundtattoo


At this point, the smol kit kat knew that he had to dish out some very serious consequences for leaving him alone. He had to teach her that leaving him alone for even an hour at a time was not an option. She had adopted him, and they were in this for the long haul. Never again would they be separated, and she needed to fully understand this. TOGETHER FUREVER. *heavy breathing*

The girl walked back into the apartment, assuming the incident over, and the smol kit kat hopped over to her, as if to ask for attention. She reached down to pet him, and much to her surprise, he hopped an inch or two away, just out of arm’s reach. It was then that the smol kit kat locked eyes with the girl, and proceeded to poop on the floor, not an inch away from her feet, as if to say, “I own you.”

Growing rather weary of having to clean up the smol kit kat’s not so smol poops, the girl thought it prudent to remind him where the litter box was, you know, in case during the two days she was gone he somehow suffered severe memory loss of where the bathroom was. Kitchen? Nope. Litterbox? Nope. Mom’s brand new sheets? YAS. IS WHERE POOP GOES. A+

"I’ll show her."

Evil Cat, Probably Planning World Domination by Playground Tattoo (via IG-playground_tat2) #simple #basic #pet #petportrait #playgroundtattoo

After a long day of traveling, the girl was tired, and decided it was time to go to bed. It was at this point that the smol kit kat knew he had her right where he wanted her. “This,” he thought, “will be the icing on the cake. Never again will I have to suffer through a day by myself. I’ll show her.” 

And with a smol hop, the smol kit kat climbed into her bed, but instead of crawling into his usual sleeping spot, around her head like a Russian ushanka, he paused for a moment on her back, turned his butt around and with a 1-2-ploop-ploop made it abundantly clear who was in charge. 

The lil' fucker shit on her back.

Smol Fluffy Pupper by Playground Tattoo (via IG-playground_tat2) #simple #basic #pet #petportrait #playgroundtattoo

And that is the story of how I became a prisoner to my cat.

Smol Pupper, Probably Not Planning World Domination by Playground Tattoo (via IG-playground_tat2) #simple #basic #pet #petportrait #playgroundtattoo

And that is the story of how I became a prisoner to my cat.

So whether you're a dog or a cat person, we know you can relate. Here's to a lifetime of 3:00 am barking, chewed up pillows, and your animals shitting everywhere but where they're supposed to. I guess it's like they say, true love knows no boundaries, and apparently neither do pets.

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