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Truly Committed: Hardcore Head Tattoos

Truly Committed: Hardcore Head Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Getting head tattoos means that you are, for sure, dedicated and committed to the art form of tattooing.

Head tattoos are like the ultimate way of saying...f*** it. They're also the ultimate way of showing that you are super serious about your tattoo lifestyle and the art form of tattooing. Even more than hand or neck tattoos, a face or scalp piece is a huge commitment...not just because it hurts like a bitch, but also because unless you're down for some serious laser removal later, there is absolutely no turning back. This collection of head tattoos is an homage to all of those knuckle heads out there who give tattoo artists a chance to show their work in one of the most precious body spots ever: ur noggin.

So although head tattoos may be a huge step into the realm of a lifetime of unemployment, that may not actually always be the case. Societal perspective on tattoos is ever changing, which is awesome for all of us committed to tattooing and tattoos...tattoos are being more widely accepted, and even in spots like South Korea and Japan, where tattoos are actually illegal, slowly but surely tattooing is being more recognized as the incredible art form that it is. Now, that may not mean that you can trot off to Japan with a big ol head tattoo and not expect to get stared at like crazy...but considering Ganji from Tokyo Three Tides just tattooed Post Malone's face, you can sure as hell leave Japan with a sick AF face tattoo if you like!

You may not be ready for a head tattoo yourself, and you may not ever want one...but like all of our daily tattoo themed collections, this selection of head tattoos just shows the absolute diversity of what is available out there. There are tons of awesome designs, artists and shops just waiting to give you some brand new ink on whatever body part you choose!

Written byTattoodo

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