Turning Clients into Cathedrals with Mikael de Poissy

Turning Clients into Cathedrals with Mikael de Poissy

Fantastic body art styled to look like stained glass windows.

Mikael De Poissy has earned a name for himself in the worldwide tattoo community for translating the aesthetic of stained glass windows into body art. The way he captures the radiance as well as form of these iconic religious decorations is simply astounding. Looking at his portfolio is like taking a stroll through the chambers of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg. So, get ready to bask in the glory of God with this rose window's worth of his ecstatic work.

De Poissy combines inspiration from stained glass windows and other architectural features with graphic and neo-traditional tattoo techniques to create these brilliant pieces of body art. He achieves this aesthetic by utilizing thick black lines to give each piece the appearance of being held together by lead came strips and then heavily saturating his figures with vibrant coloration to make them appear as if they are glowing with light. 

Given the history of stained glass throughout Europe, the majority of his subject matter is Christian in theme. "Stained glass windows have become my signature, 60 percent of the world's stained glass heritage is in France," says de Poissy in the The World Atlas of Tattoo . "I have a lot of clients with a passion for history like me, even historians or just ink collectors who want a 'de Poissy'!" Though most of his portfolio is ensconced in religious imagery of France's past, he translates motifs from other tattoo styles as well, including Irezumi and traditional American as seen in the pieces above.

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While all of his stained-glass-inspired work is amazing, de Poissy's large-scale pieces are the most impressive. The wide expanse of the back allows him to truly capture the luminescent aesthetic of the windows found in cathedrals and churches throughout the world. Looking at them is almost like sitting in a pew and watching the sun pour through brightly colored panes. They have a truly divine presence on their collectors' skin.

If you want to see more of his immaculate work, journey over to his Instagram. De Poissy tattoos out of his private studio in near Paris, France and can be reached at mikael@tattoo.fr for inquiries should you want to get on the waiting list for one of his pieces that might as well be made of stained glass.

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