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Turning Heads One Gorgeous Lady Head Tattoo At A Time

Turning Heads One Gorgeous Lady Head Tattoo At A Time

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The lady head tattoo is a icon and staple of tattooing, and looking at this beautiful collection, it's easy to see why.

The lady head tattoo is a huge crowd pleaser, and why is that? An icon and staple of traditional tattooing, lady head tattoos have become a mainstay due to their beauty and ease of workability. As this collection shows: a lady head tattoo doesn't necessarily mean that old school Sailor Jerry smiling babe. As tattoos evolve and change, so do styles and trends, and there are a million different motifs to incorporate into a stunning lady head tattoo. From snakes, to lavish jewels, and even stars and spacey concepts makes this collection one to remember next time you're looking for inspiration.

Whether you go for New School or Traditional, Dark Art or Neo-Traditional, black and grey or color, the pieces in this lady head tattoo selection are some of our favorites because they are great examples gleaned from all over the world by artists who do a multitude of different styles. Take Miss Juliet's tattoo for example. One of our fave Tattoodo ambassador, she is consistently pushing her work to incredible levels that take our hearts and minds to the depths of imagination. Her lady head tattoo is obviously a nod to the great sci fi babes of chrome laden comic books, while still keeping to those important techniques of tattooing.

Even the New School kids like Mika Baby take their lady heads and make something super special and different. New School is all about funky colors and illustrations, having fun with age old designs like lady head tattoos and creating something unique and new. Like, they don't call it NEW school for nothin', right? No matter what you're style we're sure we can help you find something to spark an idea for your next tattoo...and if you haven't already checked out our app, you're missing out! Check it out now and start connecting with artists and ideas from all over the world!

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