Turning Japanese: Powerful Tattoos By David Ramirez

Turning Japanese: Powerful Tattoos By David Ramirez

Simple yet solid and powerful, these are how Japanese tattoos are supposed to be.

In today's tattoo scene, Japanese style tattoos have been so tweaked out that the true blue look of the genre has been altered under the skins and in the minds of collectors.

But here's the thing: Japanese style tattoos were meant to be simple, bold, straightforward and huge.

David Ramirez manages to stick to these principles that make his work a true reflection of how Japanese tattooing should be. The simplicity of his work combined with the masterful craftsmanship and exceptional composition has made his work something to look out for. David Ramirez's take on Japanese tattooing has brought the old ways into the new world.

Follow David on Instagram for more of his work. Photo credits: David Ramirez.

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