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Turning Up The Heat With Flame Tattoos

Turning Up The Heat With Flame Tattoos

To hell with sex and drugs, fire is the best thing ever and here are some flame tattoos to burn that into your head

Fire is such a beautiful thing. Have you ever stood in the dark of night and watched brilliantly pretty flames dance and illuminate the sky as they lap away at the structure of an old building? There’s just something so pure and calming about it all – the smell in the air, the heat, the crackling of the flames… Truly, one of the best experiences in life. What better way to connect yourself to these feelings at all times than with a flame tattoo?

But what is fire? It’s certainly not a tangible thing that can be held in your hand like a glass of water or a sunflower. Wikipedia defines fire as “the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.” This nerd-speak may be highly accurate on a scientific level, but it does nothing to capture the awe and wonder of a flame.

Fire kicks ass. In fact, some claim that humankind’s mastery of fire was the biggest aid in our evolution to our present forms. It’s no wonder cavemen loved this shit so much. From keeping us warm during the long winter nights to allowing us to not rely on a raw diet, fire is pretty much man’s best friend. Hell, back in the stone age, fire probably played the same role in life that Netflix does today. Many a caveman certainl passed the time binge-watching fire.

Here are some pictures of some sweet tattoos of flames to remind you of how powerful and beautiful fire can be. Gaze upon them as you would a campfire while tripping on mushrooms in the woods with your bros.

Now that you’ve peeped the hottest flame tattoos on the net, why not takde inspiration from them and go out and start your own fire. Or just get a tattoo of one.

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