TV and Movie Castmates That Got Matching Tattoos

TV and Movie Castmates That Got Matching Tattoos

Sometimes castmates grow so close together they get tattoos together.

There are some TV shows and movies that bond the people who act in them. They get a certain closeness after spending numerous months, and sometimes years, with the same people developing a story. It's a collaboration unlike no other.

These actors grew to be so close they wanted to commemorate their time together with matching tattoos!

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner play sisters on Game of Thrones, and the two are just as close off camera. That's why they decided to get "07.08.09" tattoos to signify the date they both found out they had been cast on the show.

The epic Lord of the Rings film franchise was not only a money-making behemoth, it was also recognized by The Academy as one of the best films ever made. It also enriched the careers of many actors, and they showed their gratitude by getting matching Elvish language tattoos of the word "Nine."

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When the cast of Glee went through the unexpected loss of actor Cory Monteith, many of the members of the cast decided to get a tattoo to celebrate his memory. Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Kevin McHale all got the word "Imagine" tattooed, and Michele, Ushkowitz, and Amber Riley got stars.

Suicide Squad the movie was a bit of a flop. It was panned by critics, but that didn't stop the cast from growing incredibly close during the filming process. They were so close that they let each other tattoo the word "Skwad" on each other.

We've reported on this before, but it's a well-known fact that the actresses playing the sister-wives of Immortan Joe all got matching tattoos of 3 dots and a triangle. I guess being sister-wives really made a mark on them. GET IT?! MADE A MARK!

With Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston revitalized his career and Aaron Paul kickstarted his. The two actors decided to get tattoos to celebrate the success of the show and the bond they created while filming it. Paul got "No Half Measures" tattooed on his right arm, while Cranston got the show's logo tattooed on his finger.

These actors now have an everlasting bond to each other. As if they didn't before! It just goes to show that people can build life-long friendships, along with relationships on these shows and movies.

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