'Twenty Four Hour Woman' Is All of Us

'Twenty Four Hour Woman' Is All of Us

If you've ever dropped your phone in the filthy bar toilet or let your pet have the majority of the bed, artist Scott Lenhardt understands.

Finding a piece of art you identify with on a spiritual level is akin to finding your missing contact on the floor — enlightening and relieving. Funny, relatable, and sometimes a bit too honest, Twenty Four Hour Woman is the creation of Brooklyn artist Scott Lenhardt. A series of simple doodles depicting just your average woman doing everyday things might seem like a simple concept, but when said woman is doing things like dropping her cell phone in the filthy toilet of a bar or struggling to pull up a new pair of jeans in the fitting room mirror, comedic gold is struck.

Although we’re never actually told her name, the bob-haired beauty in Twenty Four Woman is all of us. She’s our insecurities, our embarrassing mishaps, and our successes all wrapped up into one. A series of daily doodles that frequently make references to politics, seasons, and holidays, the beauty in the series is its honesty, marketing itself as “celebrating the women that make the world go ‘round, one day at a time.”

Reminiscent of Hilda, the 1950s pin up who was frequently drawn in hilariously goofy and endearing poses, Twenty Four Hour Woman is drawn inexplicably nude, but without ever catering to the male gaze. Instead, the nudity is used as a means of endearing characterization, letting the audience know that there’s no act here — all of the quirks are just a part of who she is.

If you’ve ever found yourself sweating profusely after the first five minutes riding on a stationary bike, if you’ve ever let your dog completely hog the bed, save for the tiny sliver of mattress he’s so kindly reserved for you, or if you’ve ever done the obligatory mermaid hair flip Twenty Four Hour Woman was made for you. Now, where’s the illustration of her dropping her phone on her face in bed?

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