Uh-oh! WWE Superstar Paige's New Tattoo May Have Her In Hot Water

Uh-oh! WWE Superstar Paige's New Tattoo May Have Her In Hot Water

Apparently, Paige is Alberto's bae, and it couldn't be more obvious with this tattoo.

WWE Superstar Paige is currently serving a suspension for violating the company's wellness policy, and while she was on suspension, she decided to get a new tattoo. That new pay may have her in some hot water though.

The "Anti-Diva" got the name of her assumed beau, Alberto Del Rio, tattooed on her side. This seems to confirm rumors that the two are an item, which has been the center of much controversy in the WWE.

Paige's new ink dedicated to Alberto Del Rio. #WWE #Paige #AlbertoDelRio #Wrestling #SideTattoo

Paige posted a picture of the new tattoo on her Instagram before taking the picture down mere minutes later. But thanks to the internet, that shit leaked and lasts forever!

This isn't the first tattoo the former WWE Diva's Champ got to commemorate her alleged relationship with Del Rio (who recently left the company and now goes by Alberto El Patron). A few months back, she got the word "Papi" tattooed on her finger. 

It is speculated that the higher-ups in WWE don't approve of the relationship between the 24-year-old Paige and the 39-year-old Del Rio/El Patron. The two were drafted to different brands during the WWE's brand-split angle and both were subsequently suspended for Wellness Policy violations shortly after.

Rumors have circulated that WWE officials demanded that Paige and Del Rio/El Patron end their relationship just days before Del Rio/El Patron left the company. Additional rumors made their rounds that Paige is contacting lawyers to get her out of her contract with the company.

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This new tattoo seems to be a big middle finger to the world's leader in Sports Entertainment. Yikes. This could lead the inaugural NXT Women's Champion to be in quite a bit of hot water. We'll have to see how this story plays out!

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