Ultra Eccentric Graphic Tattoos By Artist Roman Shcherbakov

Ultra Eccentric Graphic Tattoos By Artist Roman Shcherbakov

Graphic designer and tattoo artist Roman “Dase” Shcherbakov dazzles us with her bizarre tattoos and trippy feed.

If the dazzling feed didn't catch your attention, the delightfully bizarre tattoos will. Roman Shcherbakov, who works under the artistic alias Dase, is a Ukrainian tattoo artist with an aesthetic vision. He's not your average tattoo artist who gets the job done and calls it a day once a decent picture of his work was taken. He keeps his Instagram feed looking fine with eye candy and simplistic yet striking, vivid photo schemes, owing it all to his expertise as a graphic designer.

In his works, Roman has a penchant for pops of color, offbeat designs, and blackwork. Think- modern subculture meets vintage aesthetics. In addition to being a graphic designer and a tattoo artist, Roman is quite the jack of all trades as he also splits his time as an illustrator and painter.

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