Unbelievable Black and Grey Realism by Mario Hartmann

Unbelievable Black and Grey Realism by Mario Hartmann

Hartmann's attention to detail in his highly realistic tattoos is impeccable.

Mario Hartmann is a tattooist who demonstrates seldom-rivaled versatility in black and grey realism. He exercises impressive range in terms of the variety of imagery he makes. He creates everything from picture-perfect celebrity portraits to crazy surrealist scenes in this high-contrast and lifelike style. Looking at his work is like watching a pyrotechnic rock show or reviewing a movie that you almost forgot you loved, so sit back, because here's a bite of reality that doesn't bite back.

Hartmann employs a complex mixture of light and dense shading in his approach to black and grey realism to evoke an impressive representational image in each of his pieces. His ability to capture the likeness of just about any subject is believable if not close to uncanny. He combines meticulous linework and measured shading to create the spitting images of some of pop culture's most memorable members as well as illustrations that push the bounds of reality.

The range of iconography — based both on source material and the imaginary — that Hartmann translates into intricate works of body art is one of his portfolio's most impressive features. He does tattoos of everything from timeless motifs like the Grim Reaper to pop culture figures of the past and present. His pop culture tattoos are of both celebrities and iconic characters: Leonidas from 300, Hunter S. Thompson and his trustworthy lawyer from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Davy Jones from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He's captured the likenesses of tons of musicians as well, like Yolandi of Die Antwoord, Lemmy, and the entirety of Pearl Jam.

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If you want to be blown away by more of Hartmann's realistic body art, hit up his Instagram or check out this article about his electrifying color portraiture. He tattoos in Berlin, Germany and can be reached at marioillustration@googlemail.com.

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