Unbelievably Realistic Sleeves by Joe Carpenter

Unbelievably Realistic Sleeves by Joe Carpenter

Be it black and grey or color, Joe Carpenter's realism is like peering into another world

Joe Carpenter creates large-scale tattoo that look as refined as high-res photographs. Admiring his color and black and grey realism is like seeing the world (and other worlds) through a pair of supernatural eyes. He can capture everything from light falling across a cathedrals walls to the iridescence of dying stars. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to go on an odyssey through distant lands, the high seas, and the farthest reaches of outer space.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Carpenter's portfolio is that he operates in both black and grey as well as color realism. While many of his contemporaries tend to keep on one side of the fence, he regularly dabbles in both fields of lifelike tattoos. It's difficult to decide which of the two flavors is more eye-catching when it comes to his work, but the way he uses each of them to bring out the natural beauty of certain subjects is remarkable to say the least. His statuary looks like its was chiseled out of marble in black and grey and his depictions of the cosmos look like they were taken by the Hubble itself. 

The most fascinating aspect of Carpenter's realism is how he toys with darkness and light. Shadows seem to creep across some of his figures, while the glow of celestial bodies beams through others. You can almost sense the motion of the spinning vinyl in his music-themed sleeve and smell the smoke rising from the match in the piece featuring several beautiful women. His work, in short, is extremely immersive, inspiring the viewer with a sense of being transported in both time and place.

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To explore more deep space and underwater worlds, journey to Carpenter's Instagram. If you want a beautiful realistic sleeve of your own, he works at Five Keys Tattoo in Norwich, England and can be reached at joecarpentertattoo@gmail.com for booking. 

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