Uncanny Blackwork Portraits by Adam Vu Noir

Uncanny Blackwork Portraits by Adam Vu Noir

From black widow spiders with faces to glitched portraits, Adam Vu Noir will haunt you with his blackwork tattoos.

We previously featured Adam Vu Noir with The Hauntingly Beautiful Black Tattoos of Adam Vu Noir. Now we're back with more, and since Halloween is right around the corner, let Adam Vu Noir enchant you with his brand of deliciously disturbing art.

From travelling restlessly over the past few years to making history, Adam Vu Noir is a man who accomplished outstanding feats by following his heart and passion. Not many of us have the courage to do the same thing. Even fewer are the ones who have written their names in tattoo history alongside a legend like Lyle Tuttle. I, of course, am talking about Adam's recent endeavors which includes becoming the second man (next to Lyle Tuttle) to ever tattoo on all seven continents. 

While we may never know what the things are that inspire Adam Vu Noir — what triggers his creativity, what motivates him to get up in the morning and make more art, what goes on in that visionary mind of his — we can at least take a peek and behold his dark and intriguing creations, illustrated in a glorious blackwork style.

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A popular theme among Adam's works are his widow spider portraits, an artfully designed series consisting of fatal widow spiders merged with equally fatal-looking feminine faces. He's also done a spin-off of this with other arthropods and insects. Another theme are his haunting, glitch-like portraits.

All of the images of Adam Vu Noir's works are from his Instagram .

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