Underboob Beauties by Zelina Reissinger

Underboob Beauties by Zelina Reissinger

Zelina Reissinger has mastered the art of underboob elegance.

The underboob is a very popular place to get a tattoo now. Some of the designs are elegant and ornate, and it can be a pretty sexy place to get some body art. Regardless of why you choose to get the tattoo, you want to make sure you're in the hands of the very best, and Zelina Reissinger is one of the very best.

Reissinger hails from Hamburg, Germany and has been instrumental in creating some of the most beautiful tattoo designs for the abdominal area. 

Whether Reissinger is taking on larger scale pieces or creating a dainty tattoo, her steady hand is one of the best you could have tattooing you. She can craft an elegant design that will look spectacular once it's on your body.

Follow Zelina Reissinger on Instagram and if you're feeling adventurous, head over to Hamburg and visit Vaders.Dye for a sick blackwork tattoo.

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