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Underworld: Tattooist Explores the Meaning of Aztec Art

Underworld: Tattooist Explores the Meaning of Aztec Art

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Goethe is doing an art show on the theme of death in Mesoamerican culture.

Mexican tattoo artist Goethe Silva Mier has spent his long career studying and specializing in the darker side of Mesoamerican art, especially that of ancient Aztec culture. His portfolio is filled with images of gods and other mythological figures that are representative of his heritage's traditional conception of the afterlife. Now, he has taken his artistic pursuits beyond the body and into the gallery with his new show Underworld, which features his replicas of the Aztec art that he has encountered during his extensive travels in Central and South America as well as research into these age-old depictions of death. 

The art show was held this previous Saturday evening at Collective Ink Gallery in Garden Grove, California, and it had an incredible turnout. At the exhibit, Goethe's sculptures, engravings, and paintings provided viewers with a glimpse into the dark and powerful imagery surrounding Aztec culture's beliefs about the underworld. 

Goethe's (IG—tattoosbygoethe) rendition of a disc demarking the ballcourt of the Mayan ruins of Chinkultic. #artifact #Aztec #blackandgrey #death #fineart #Goethe #Underworld

Goethe has found a way to branch out into new media beyond tattooing in order to better inform the public about the rich artistic tradition behind his cultural heritage. With efforts like this, these valuable forms of ethnic expression find new life in the contemporary age, making them — similarly to the gods they depict — truly immortal.

A photo of the very crowded event put on by Goethe Goethe (IG—tattoosbygoethe) at Collective Art Gallery. #Aztec #death #fineart #Goethe #Underworld

If you happen to be out on the west coast, drop by Collective Art Gallery to peruse the exhibit while it's still up. There are photos of it on Goethe's Instagram as well. Also, if you want a piece of superb body art that borrows from this cultural tradition in the arts, consider having a true expert in the subject matter do it for you.

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