Unicorns Of The Sea: 17 Enchanting Narwhal Tattoos

Unicorns Of The Sea: 17 Enchanting Narwhal Tattoos

Because the world has been blessed with magical creatures like narwhals, so bless your skin with magical tattoos that capture their beauty.

Narwhals are those types of creatures that make living on earth seem worthwhile. I mean, these are actual horned sea creatures that could have easily been mythical creatures written down for Westeros as the sigil of some house in the North. And they're real; so majestic that they still roam around free these days as they don't survive long in captivity. Some people call them the unicorns of the sea and just maybe, God chose them over unicorns so pesky humans will have a harder time trying to catch them for fun. From geometric to pinkwork, dozens of tattoo artists captured these magnificent creatures in a series of dazzling tattoos and you may see them all here.

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