Unique Celebrity Portraits by Jay Joree

Unique Celebrity Portraits by Jay Joree

Jay Joree has a stunning and unique take on celebrity portraits that you need to see.

Celebrity culture has taken a life of its own in recent years. It has gotten so prevalent that "breaking news" is that Kim Kardashian chose to wear a unique top to a gala event. We worship celebrities, the ground they walk on, and the toilets they shit in. Everything they touch instantly becomes more valuable, and their private lives are constantly exposed to the point you have to wonder if they ever have a private moment at all.

One person who is cashing in on this ravenous celebrity fixation we all have is tattoo artist Jay Joree. While many tattooists do celebrity portraits, Joree takes her designs a step further, subtracting the face from the portrait and adding contextual imagery to enhance that celebrity's likeness.

As you can see, you don't even need to see the person's face to know exactly who Joree is doing a portrait of. This unique way of tattooing has been the catalyst in Joree's rise in popularity, and it's one of the many reasons she has over 40k followers on Instagram.

Follow Jay on Instagram if you want to see more of these faceless portraits. They are certainly an imaginative take on celebrity portraiture that allows the customer to do something different with their choice of celebrity to worship.

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