Unique Fillers For Your Most Awkward Little Empty Spaces

Unique Fillers For Your Most Awkward Little Empty Spaces

We all have them, and we all want them filled up.

When I first started getting tattooed, I'll be honest — I didn't do so with much foresight. I started with a substantial-sized piece on my inner left bicep, followed by a medium-sized circular piece smack-dab in the middle of my inner forearm, followed by a cascading floral piece above my elbow. At the time, it wasn't about each piece flowing together. It was simply about each piece. Resulting in what is now a very choppy collection of scattered tattoos covering most of my left arm. 

A tried & true Traditional design will always be a solid choice. (via IG- @suarezism) #filler #tinytattoos #traditional #banger

Granted, I love them all. And there's nothing wrong with going about it the way I did. I'd never seen myself, and still don't, as a one-big-flowing-piece type of gal anyway, so it's not like I really blew any sort of big plans for my beloved arm. Regardless of that, after years of collecting scattered pieces, I have some pretty awkward little spaces that are eventually gonna need to be addressed. 

This little shell's organic shape fills an awkward empty spot perfectly. (via IG-@azamp) #filler #tinytattoos #traditional #banger #shell

Any good artist could look at a weird spot and figure out something to put in it, or take a suggestion from their client and determine how to scale it down to make it work in a tight spot. But a little inspiration never hurt nobody. Here are some unique ideas for itty bitty fillers that aren't cherries, stars, or dots. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but... we can do better.

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And there you have it. Definite proof that no matter how small the space, the possibilities are endless. Infinite. 

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