Unique Pinups for Your Viewing Pleasure

Unique Pinups for Your Viewing Pleasure

Tattoos that prove unusual ladies are the most alluring.

Pinups have been around in the world of tattoos for a very long time. If you look back to the portfolios of pioneers in the industry like Sailor Jerry, you'll see plenty of these lovely ladies. However, like all great motifs do, pinups have evolved over the years as they have passed through the hands of countless tattooists, especially those who practice the traditional style. And these various evolutions have been interesting and broad. These tattoos of sexy women have accrued all sorts of stylistic attributes, including various outfits and thematic accompaniments like animals and other oddities. Check out this burlesque of unique pinups to see just how far our sexy ladies have come.

When it comes to pinups, there is simply no shortage of style. Though they're all attractive (even when burning at the stake or with a demon's head), it's the variety that's so astounding. Some artists squeeze them into martini glasses, while other depict them dancing in the pale moonlight. Through the sheer diversity of the many pinups out there, you can sense how the motif has been expounded on since the days when love-starved sailors got them to console their lonely libidos.

The most intriguing part about contemporary pinups is these tattoos of beautiful women convey a rich array of various political undertones, depending on how they're stylized. For instance, the one of a contortionist harks back to the point in which freak shows were still in vogue, giving it an interesting historical subtext. The dominatrix has a connotation of third-wave feminist empowerment, and the lady atop an avocado similarly embraces a body-positive rhetoric. The punk girl makes a statement about society, and the list goes on and on. When you look at the many iterations of pinups over time, the versatility stands out. The messages that they are capable of imparting is virtually inexhaustible. There's simply nothing that these ladies can't say.   

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