Uniquely Australian Tattoos That Aren't The Southern Cross

Uniquely Australian Tattoos That Aren't The Southern Cross

Showing your Australian pride doesn't mean following the crowd.

When searching for Australian themed tattoos there seems to be an over-abundance of Southern Cross star tattoos. While the Southern Cross (also known as the Crux) appears on the Australian flag, many forget that it actually is a constellation of stars visible in the Southern Hemisphere - meaning it's not so Australian after all. 

With Australia's wide variety of flora and fauna, there's so much more subject matter to choose from for your next piece of ink. Get inspired by these uniquely Australian tattoos. 


Wattle was officially recognized in 1988 as Australia's floral emblem and is part of the Australian Coat of Arms. 

A pretty bunch of wattle. Tattoo by Brooklyn Seawright. #wattle #flora #Australianflora #traditional #BrooklynSeawright

Tasmanian Tiger

Although considered extinct, there have been reported sightings of the Tasmanian tiger - none of which include these tattoos. 


It's a common misconception that koalas are a type of bear. Actually, the koala is a type of marsupial which means they carry their babies in a pouch. Known for munching on eucalyptus leaves and sleeping, these cuddly, furry eared koalas are a favorite animal of Australians and tourists alike.

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While there are other species of eucalyptus trees around the world, Australia is home to over 700 varieties; some of which are the only food consumed by koalas. 

Eucalyptus branch and gumnuts tattoo by Jack Douglas. #flora #eucalyptus #Australiaflora #gumnuts #JackDouglas

Tasmanian Devil

While The Tasmanian devil does share some similarities with the Looney Toons cartoon character, the species itself is facing a battle with an aggressive form of facial cancer which has killed almost half of the devil population. 


Australia's species of flightless bird shares the honor of being part of the Coat of Arms with the kangaroo, and both animals are unique as neither can walk backwards. They're not the prettiest of birds, but emus are an Aussie icon. 


Kangaroo tattoos can be generic, especially when paired with the Australian flag or boxing gloves. but can be taken to the next level when tattoo artists add their own flair. 


Below their spiky exterior, echidnas are a fascinating animal. They're part of the monotreme order, along with the platypus, which means they're an animal that lays eggs.

Bold black and grey realism echidna tattoo by Todd Bailey. #echidna #Australiananimal #Australiafauna #realism #blackandgrey #blacandgreyrealism #ToddBailey


The waratah shrub was given its name from the Eora Aboriginal people. There are five species of waratah and it is the state floral emblem for New South Wales. 

Fruit bat hanging off a waratah branch. Tattoo by Ellie Thompson. #warath #flora #Australiaflora #EllieThompson #flower #bat #fruitbat


When talking about Australian animals, the platypus is often forgotten about. It could be Australia's oddest looking animal which makes these tattoos all the more interesting.

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