Unrelenting Neo Traditional Tattoos by Jacob Wiman

Unrelenting Neo Traditional Tattoos by Jacob Wiman

Neo Traditional tattooing doesn't get bolder than these awesome designs!

A bold artist with a bold style, you'll love Jacob Wiman! 

If you were to describe the tattoos of Jacob Wiman in one word you'd probably go with bold - and you wouldn't be wrong. Wiman's colorful in-your-face-style is bold as hell and looks awesome because of it. The dark shades and deep colors give Wiman's tattoos a striking look that jumps right off the skin. Big designs meet bold colors and you'll find plenty of inspiration because of it. 

Go give Wiman a follow on Instagram to see more of his incredible work once you've finished being blown away be these awesome neo traditional tattoos... - but be warned, you're probably going to end wanting your own kickass Wiman tattoo! 

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