Up The Puns With These Subjectively Hilarious Pun Tattoos

Up The Puns With These Subjectively Hilarious Pun Tattoos

You’re in for some serious pun-ishment as we try to tickle your funny bone with tattoos.

If laughter is the best medicine then puns are fucking Tylenol. Who among us doesn’t love to laugh? Heartless monsters, that’s who. Giggles are great for the soul, and anyone who actively denies this pleasure should not be trusted. Today we’re going to take a look at some hilarious, and some cringe-worthy, pun tattoos.

I remember quite fondly when I was a young boy the local paper would run an annual competition for the best reader submitted pun. Year after year I entered to no success. Finally in the summer of my 12th year I set out to win this competition and get one of my puns published by any means necessary. I spent weeks in my room crafting hundreds of puns. After three months, I selected the ten best puns and sent them in. I anxiously awaited the results. When the day came when the winners were announced, I was crushed. The newspaper was completely devoid of any of my submissions. I had wanted one of my creations to win more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. But sadly, no pun in ten did.

Just like a baby, a great delivery can make or break a pun. Just check out this amazing clip of Norm MacDonald deadpanning the world’s worst pun. It’s fucking hysterical, even though the material decidedly isn’t.

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate a tattoo to a stupid play on words. But thankfully, the world is full of special people and we had no problem assembling some shining examples for you.

If you chuckle at these pun tattoos, you’re probably an alright person. If you don’t find any humor here, you’re likely a soulless beast. Consider this article a litmus test for your soul. Do these hilarious pun tattoos fill you with mirth? Rage? Complete indifference?

Don’t these pun tattoos just crack you up? We hope so. It’d be terrible to go through life without a sense of humor.

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