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Up-and-coming Tattooer Hikari 5 Tells It Like It Is

Up-and-coming Tattooer Hikari 5 Tells It Like It Is

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Seoul-based tattooer Hikari 5 shares the ups and downs of tattooing and tattoo culture in South Korea.

Made in partnership with SK-II, spotlighting female tattooers in Korea who embody the spirit of their #changedestiny #INeverExpire campaign. Watch the Expiry Date video.

Hikari is an up-and-comer in the Seoul tattoo world, but her work is already quite striking. The young tattooer began with American traditional roots and slowly evolved into more blackwork, which gets more pronounced and distinctive over time. Her lettering and script work is clean and elegant. As impressive as the young tattooer’s work may be, her tattoos seem to be on a smaller scale and could easily be hidden if needed, perhaps because there is still such a stigma against them in Korea.

Even though her family has accepted her tattoos, the rest of Korean society still has not. “There's still a huge amount of people who hate and [are] prejudiced [against] tattooed people,” Hikari explains. “When that tattooed person is a woman, it gets worse. I've been through that and will suffer in the future too, but [...] I don't care. And if I get married (never considered of it), I'll marry a person without those stupid prejudices and [who] loves me as who I am.”

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