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UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN: New Exhibition Opens Benefiting the ERA Coalition

UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN: New Exhibition Opens Benefiting the ERA Coalition

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Eighty female-identified artists make their voices heard in a new gallery exhibition in protest of President-elect Donald Trump

Ever since that fateful day back in November that set America’s future on an uncertain track, women from all walks of life have been making their voices heard. This Saturday, January 21st is the Women’s March on Washington, where women from across the country will force D.C. lawmakers, including newly inaugurated President-elect Donald Trump, to bear witness to the face of those that their laws affect. 

Featuring artists from various backgrounds, the exhibit is a testament to women’s outrage regarding the current political climate. Beautiful paintings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, and even neon signs hung from the stark white walls of the Untitled Space, each one carrying a slightly different, albeit incredibly powerful message: revolution. With 25% of proceeds being directly donated to the ERA Coalition and the Fund For Women’s Equality, it’s no wonder why over 400 artists jumped at the chance to display their work. 

Williams, whose piece entitled He Said I Was A Delicate Flower — an intricately sewn fabric orchid, whose center reads “FUCK OFF” — is just one of the incredibly talented artists whose work is on display. Other highlights included Rute Ventura’s Trump Voodoo Box, which is literally just that — a voodoo doll created in the image of President Elect Donald Trump, complete with pins and scissors — a bubblegum pink sculpture of Lady Liberty whose face has been replaced with female genitalia, and a painting by Laura Murray of a gun with a hand gently stuffing a real tampon up the barrel. The exhibit is free and runs through January 28th at The Untitled Space in Tribeca, and if you’re feeling a bit down about the impending inauguration, UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN might just be your cure for the patriarchy.

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Written byAlex Wikoff

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