Ur Body is a Wonderland: Tattoo of the Day Does Fantasy Tattoos

Ur Body is a Wonderland: Tattoo of the Day Does Fantasy Tattoos

Sci-fi tattoos, fantasy tattoos, and more show that a lil magic goes a long way.

John Mayer's sticky sweet ballad "Your Body is a Wonderland" may have had many of us running for the hills, but in this case it's true. These tattoos certainly give the feeling that the person who has them is just covered in a little bit, or a whole lotta bit, of magic. Ancient deities, beloved anime characters, and even sweet woodland creatures all find a home within today's collection of the best tattoos. 

Many artists turn to folklore, sci-fi, and fantasy for inspiration. They also turn to fantastical magical places like the forest, fabulously great cities like New York, and more. There's so much around us that makes for great creations!

For more gorgeous work like this make sure to check out Tattoodo Ambassadors Steve H Morante, Henning, and Shaun Topper! Our site hosts a never ending archive of choice pieces, and choice artists, just for you. 

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