Valentine's Day at Grit N Glory

Valentine's Day at Grit N Glory

Megan Massacre & the staff at Grit N Glory will offer Valentine's themed tattoos all weekend long.

Believe it or not Valentine’s Day is a week away, and it might be time to kick it into high gear and figure out what the fuck you’re doing before your significant other catches you with a fistful of molding bodega flowers the day of. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a looming reminder of just how capitalist and contrived our society tends to sway. Either way, Grit N Glory is making the most of an otherwise unpalatable holiday created by greeting card companies and Necco Sweethearts.

A few pieces done from last year's event at Grit N Glory (via IG-gritnglory) #valentinesday #valentine #hearts #flower #gritnglory #MeganMassacre

This weekend from, February 11th-12th, Grit N Glory — Megan Massacre’s famous studio located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side — will be offering a selection of Valentine’s Day inspired flash for $100 each. Artists will be tattooing from 12:00-8:00 p.m. on a first come, first served basis. All flash will be available in black and grey with your choice of two additional colors, but keep in mind that no design changes will be made. The studio has released a few of the flash sheets so far, among them some eye-catching heart daggers by Janice Danger and various kink influenced heart designs by Megan Massacre.

While you’re waiting in the inevitable line that comes with the territory of flash events, be sure to check out some of the Valentine’s themed pins, housewares, and stickers that are available for purchase in the adjacent boutique.

We won’t beat around the bush, Valentine’s Day is dumb, but even our cold hearts can admit when a good flash event comes around, and as much as it pains us to say it — candy hearts and flowers are kind of cute, at least when it comes to tattoos. We all know the only real reason to purchase chalky, pastel hearts with sayings like, “Dream Big,” “My Baby” or “Be Mine” would be because you had accidentally swallowed rat poison and were trying to induce vomiting. So avoid putting yourself through that nonsense and get a rad tattoo at Grit N Glory instead. Happy Capitalistic Profession of Love Day, y’all.

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