Valentine's Day at Grit N Glory Goes Off With a Bang

Valentine's Day at Grit N Glory Goes Off With a Bang

The Valentine's Day tattoo event for Megan Massacre and crew was so successful that it has been extended through February 14.

Valentine’s Day is usually marked by pointless greeting cards, heart shaped boxes of waxy chocolate, and absolutely unnecessary teddy bears of ludicrous proportions that will undoubtedly be cast out in a month’s time. This year Grit N Glory made the holiday weekend a bit more palatable with their annual Valentine’s Day Flash Event on Sunday, February 12th, and while it might have been a tad bit cold and dreary, that didn’t stop people from making their way for some heart themed flash. With machines humming, four different artists at work, and several people eagerly awaiting their turn in the chair, the Grit N Glory flash event attracted all types — including a few first timers.

Jeandry Suarez, a first timer at the shop, explains that she initially heard about the event from following artist Janice Danger on Instagram. “I’m getting the roses that form a heart, and I’m gonna put it on my wrist. I’m so excited. It’s my first tattoo.” 

Others, like Christian Rosas, a newcomer to the shop, who’s on her fourth tattoo said that the timing couldn’t have been better. “Megan’s pretty famous, and I’ve looked up the work," Rosas says. "I’ve been wanting something on my chest, and I was like, ‘woah — perfect timing.’ I can’t wait, I’m so excited. It’s something that’s for me, but I always get nervous.”

According to graphic designer, Christie Blickley, the turnout for the event was such a success that they’ve decided to extend it through Valentine’s Day for those that couldn’t make it over the weekend. “I think we just like to do something special and kind of out of the ordinary," she explains, "and there’s a lot of really cool motifs and visual identities around Valentine’s Day that it just makes it fun to be a walk in day.” 

So if you couldn’t make it to the famed shop over the weekend don’t fret, you still have some time. Besides, getting a bondage inspired heart tattoo is an infinitely better option than waiting for a table for hours on end and shelling out $150 per person for one dinner.

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