Versatile Neo Traditional Tattoos By Jakob Holst Rasmussen

Versatile Neo Traditional Tattoos By Jakob Holst Rasmussen

Danish tattooist plays with the codes of neo traditional and contemporary tattooing.

Jakob Holst Rasmussen is a member of the Sinners Inc art and tattoo collective in Aarhus, Denmark. The work of Jakob is in constant evolution. With solid neo traditional roots, the Danish tattoo artist is presenting different styles and techniques in his vibrant compositions. When not creating large and colorful neo traditional pieces inspired by Japanese style, he also enjoys doing monochrome designs.

Sketchy neo traditional tattoo by Jakob Holst Rasmussen #JakobHolstRasmussen #neotraditional #contemporary #sketch #monochromatic #monochrome

Playing with dotwork, sketch style and even geometry, he gives a dynamic and creative touch to fancy neo traditional designs.

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All images via Instagram.

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