Versatile Tattooing by Elin Lowen

Versatile Tattooing by Elin Lowen

From mandalas and Asian style to neo traditional. Elin Lowen makes awesome solid tattoos no matter what the style!

In the craft, the tattooer usually lingers in one style to master the technical application and the things that require second nature. It is not often we see someone doing many different styles still managing to pull it off...

Elin Lowen is a tattoo artist from Sweden. She works and tattoos at Hand & Hjärta Tatuering in Lund.

Elin Lowen's tattoo style has the essentials of classic tattooing. Clean lining execution, masterful shading technique and vibrant color packing. With these tools she's able to tackle different kinds of tattoo styles.

Black and geometric mandalas are done with such crisp lines. Vibrant neo traditional tattoos are made with wit and awesome composition. The layout of the Asian style makes the tattoo seem as if the collector was born with it.

All photos from @elinlowen

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