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Very Small, Very Cute Floral Arrangements by Baam

Very Small, Very Cute Floral Arrangements by Baam

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

The elusive Korean tattooist has a knack for teeny, tiny flowers.

Get out your magnifying glass and book yourself a ticket to Seoul, South Korea, because we're heading over there to examine some delightfully small floral tattoos by Baam. At this current social moment, tattooing is illegal in Korea, but that doesn't stop artists from working and clients from getting ink. It does, however, really shape the tattoo landscape — Korea is becoming quite the known hot spot for the micro tattoo, given that most clients need to hide their body art. 

Some of Baam's work is smaller than a quarter, and somehow so very detailed, we can even make out the veins in the leafs of each flower and vine. Her tattoos are incredibly dainty, yet equally as detailed, with a strong mastery of color that gives each tiny, intricate piece a life of its own.

While Baam's work doesn't necessarily resemble the flowers you'd find in a standard, classic field guide, they have an illustrative quality to them. The fine line work looks like colored pencils, with some micron pen line to enunciate details like the spines of leafs, the edges of flower petals, and the shadows cast by other flowers. 

Baam's tattoo placement is also driven by many factors. Obviously, the illegal nature of tattoos in Korea makes it so her clients want their work some place subtle, easy to cover. Regardless of these constraints, Baam manages to make every tattoo look like it's supposed to be there, in plain sight, rather than a secret. Ankles, shoulders, behind ears — these flowers are all tiny secrets to discover, rather than secrets to be kept.

Check out Baam's Instagram for more. She has a broad range of work, and it's all wonderfully detailed and spectacular.

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