Vibrant and Shamelessly Girly Traditional Dagger Tattoos by Sarah K

Vibrant and Shamelessly Girly Traditional Dagger Tattoos by Sarah K

Girly tattoo artist Sarah K from Adelaide takes the classic heart and dagger tattoo for a spin with her bold and vibrant feminine touch.

Who says you can't look bold and badass in pink? Australian tattoo artist Sarah K will show you how it's done in her signature unmistakably bright and lively style. The heart and dagger tattoo is one of the most classic designs there is, along with skulls, hearts, pin ups, and nautical-inspired pieces. Sarah K injects hers with a dash of pinkwork, flowers, and a rainbow of striking colors creating a series of fatally flamboyant pieces of the well-loved classic design. Get loud with Sarah K and her striking heart and dagger tattoos!

Girly traditional dagger tattoo by Sarah K. #SarahK #girly #traditional #dagger #flower #heart #heartdagger

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