Vibrant Japanese Tattoos by Horisuzu

Vibrant Japanese Tattoos by Horisuzu

The Japanese tattoo style has been around for centuries, yet it never seizes to amaze... the jaw dropping visuals on skin by Horisuzu.

Horisuzu makes some amazing huge coverage tattoos that always have that major visual impact. These tattoos are stunning, clean and masterfully done. 

Detail shot of a foo dog back piece done by Horisuzu. #Horisuzu #Taku #UnbreakableTattoo #JapaneseTattoo #foodog #japanese

Horisuzu Taku, an amazingly talented tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, creates huge and epic Japanese style tattoos. He is working his tattoo magic at Unbreakable Tattoo, LA.

The Japanese tattoo style, ever evolving and forever amazing, is a style that involves a great deal of hard work and practice. It may look simple because of its readability, but it is no easy task to compose. Horisuzu is one of the special individuals who practice this style. As a very experienced tattooer and artist, Horisuzu satisfies all his clients by creating stunning and huge Japanese style tattoos.

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All images via Instagram.

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