Vibrant New School Tattoos by Erik Campbell

Vibrant New School Tattoos by Erik Campbell

New School tattoos really made a big bang in the industry in the mid-90's. It's great to see that artists still rock this cool tattoo style!

Erik Campbell is one of the awesome tattoo artists keeping the New School tattoo style alive and kicking. With the old school tattoo style and black work tattoos making a huge come back, it's refreshing to see the new school tattoo style still kicking ass in the digital tattoo world. 

Erik Campbell is a solid and versatile tattoo artist from Grand Junction, Colorado. He works at The Raw Canvas Tattoo Studio. Erik makes awesome new school style tattoos, the distorted radical and vibrant images that we all know and love! Matched with incredible drawing skill, Erik Campbell slings out solid new school tattoos that adorn the human body with the dynamic imagery of distortion. The wild imagination of an artist is perfect for this style, making Erik Campbell's work really appeal to his collectors. The fun, vibrant and goofy compositions make the tattoos look really appealing, plus the way it flows with the body.

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